Soft Skills Syllabus

Soft Skills
Module: I
English Language Skills:
Gaining functional understanding of Basic English grammar: Articles, Adjectives, Adverbs, Phrasal Verbs, Subject Verb Agreement, Tenses, Synonyms, Antonyms and Homonyms, Descriptive words, Combining Sentences, Idioms and phrases, Pronunciation, Book Review, Movie Review and Personal journal.  Practice exercises and activities. Interpreting and discussing on a common issue.
Module: II
Effective Communication:
Communication process, Spoken skills, Listening skills, Body language, Giving and receiving feedback, practice exercises and activities

Module: III
Interpersonal skills:
Interpersonal skills, Self awareness, Self esteem and confidence, Assertiveness, Dealing with emotions.
Interpersonal skills (Team Spirit):
The team concept, Elements of teamwork, Stages of team formation, What is an effective team, Essential building blocks of effective team, Team player styles.  
Module: IV
Group discussion:
What is a group and why we require groups? Why GD? Structured GD and Unstructured GD.
Group dynamics, Group Definition, Need of forming group, Characteristics of a group, Difference between formal and Informal Group

Interview handling skills, An effective resume, Interview process and Interview preparation checklist, Common interview mistakes.

Voice modulation, Body Language, Content and visual aids, Audience management.
Module: V
Concept of leadership
Entrepreneurial Skills:
Goal setting, Understanding entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial competencies, Entrepreneurship in daily life, Venture project planning and Entrepreneurship cycles.                             

Students have to:
·         Complete the following career developmental assignments during the Tutorial classes:
o    Report writing (on various topics)
o    Types of letter
o    Seminar papers
o    Advertisement
o    Presenting ideas of present and future using connectives
o    Role play

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