English Theory and Translation Terms

Here i have presented some of the terms which is often used in English class rooms and in English teaching...

Lexical - Use of words and Phrases

Syntactic - Structural problems, construction of words

Bilingual - Involving of two languages 

Phonology - Sound's of particular language

Morphology - Study of Words (smallest unit)

Lexis - Study of Words

Pragmatics - Talk about language as interpersonal

Semantics - Gesture & Sign meaning

Syntax - Grammatical structure of sentences

Allophone - Differentiation in pronunciation 

Malapropisms - Differentiation in pronunciation

Anagrams - Changing the order of words

Spoonerism - Interchanging the initial of words

Palindrome - which gives the same meaning from right to left , left to right

Connotation - Words with more than one meaning 

Onomatopoeia - Study of words ex. shhhhhhh, hissssssss