How Many Senses?

In How Many content the word Sense can be used?

Here are few senses in which English words can be used.

1. In an affirmative Sense

2. In a bad Sense

3. In a broad Sense

4. In a certain Sense

5. In a deep Sense

6. In a depraved Sense

7. In a deteriorated Sense

8. In an exclamatory Sense

9. In a far deeper Sense

10. In a figurative Sense

11. In an indirect Sense

12. In a large Sense of the word

13. In a literal Sense

14. In a metaphorical Sense

15. In a moral Sense

16. In a mystical Sense

17. In a negative Sense

18. In a narrowly etymological Sense

19. In a new Sense

20. In a personal Sense

21. In a very real Sense

22. In a satirical Sense

23. In a Sense

24. In a special Sense

25. In a spiritual Sense

26. In a strict Sense

27. In a wider Sense

28. In a widely different Sense

29. In an exaggerated Sense

30. In another Sense

31. In its broader Sense

32. In its metaphorical Sense

33. In its medieval Sense

34. In its modern Sense

35. In its strict Sense

36. In its stricter and older Sense

37. In its widest Sense

38. In one Sense

39. In the absolute Sense

40. In the academic Sense of the term

41. In the classical Sense

42. In the direct Sense

43. In the ethical Sense

44. In the exact Sense

45. In the figurative Sense

46. In the fullest Sense (of the term)

47. In the generally accepted Sense (of the term)

48. In the highest Sense of the word

49. In the imperative Sense

50. In the intimate Sense of the term

51. In the logical Sense

52. In the main Sense

53. In the more narrow Sense

54. In the more usual Sense of the word

55. In the most pedantical Sense of the word

56. In the old Sense of the word

57. In the ordinary Sense

58. In the original Sense of the word

59. In the political Sense

60. In the precise and full Sense of the word

61. In the proper Sense of the word

62. In the purest, least complicated Sense of the word

63. In the real Sense

64. In the social Sense

65. In the strict Sense of the word

66. In the superior Sense of the word

67. In the true Sense of the word

68. In the usual Sense

69. In the wider Sense

70. In the widest Sense of the term