Unofficial English

288 pages | M-Gr-w-H-ll(May 23, 2006) | English | ISBN-10: 0071458042 | PDF | 3,18 MB
More than 750 brand-new words that make "bling-bling" sound so five minutes ago

For readers who want to be on the cutting edge of the English lexicon or for dedicated word geeks, The Official Dictionary of Unofficial English presents more than 750 words that have unofficially joined the English language. These words are hot off the street, new even to cyberspace, and definitely not found in Webster's. Each entry features a definition, etymology, and at least three citations from print and the Internet that show the evolution of its meaning.

Entries include:
-- Bangalored (adj.) having been relocated to India; having lost business or employment due to such a relocation.
-- Paleoconservative (n.) a holder of outdated or old-fashioned conservative beliefs.
-- Barbecue Stopper (n.) a topic of constant and widespread conversation, especially a divisive political or social issue.

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