The Rough Guide to Shakespeare

The Rough Guide to Shakespeare is the ultimate guide to the life and work of the world’s greatest playwright: William Shakespeare. With full coverage of the 39 Shakespearean plays, including a synopsis, full character list, stage history and a critical essay for each, this comprehensive guide is both a quick reference and in-depth background guide for theatregoers, students, film buffs and lovers of literature alike. The Rough Guide to Shakespeare also explores Shakespeare’s sonnets and the narrative poems, combined with fascinating accounts of Shakespeare’s life and theatre, exploring in colourful detail each play’s original performances.
This fully updated guide includes a new ‘My Shakespeare’ chapter with top directors and actors including Sir Ian McKellen, Christopher Plummer and Zoë Wanamaker, as well as tips for introducing your children to Shakespeare with recommended graphic novels, adaptations and DVDs for all age groups. With up-to-date reviews of the best films and audio recordings from Laurence Olivier to Baz Luhrmann, Kozintsev to Kurosawa, The Rough Guide to Shakespeare is a celebration of all things Shakespearean.  
 Author : Andrew Dickson  /  ISBN: 9781858284439  /   600 pages – Two-colour illustrated throughout /  Second Edition/   14.91 mb

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