Report Writing

                 A Report is a form communication from some one who has information to some one who wants to use that information for a specific purpose.It contains gathered information and facts which was analyzed scientifically. It is also used as a record to serve for the future generation.

It May be for the purpose of :

                 * To make scientific analysis
                 * Studying the progress
                 * Exploring the possibilities of starting a new business
                 * Studying the progress of sales in a particular area or branch

                 * Specifying the purpose and scope
                 * Determining the reader
                 * Gathering the relevant data
                 * Organizing the material
                 * Making an outline of the topic (and about the back ground information)

                  As important decisions are taken based on the report the information and the recommendations contained in the report must be correct and scientific. it should be like laboratory report which contains facts and information gathered by testing and analyzing the data scientifically.

Types of Reports:

               Reports are classified under two different categorizes i) Committee Report ii) Individual Report.

i) Committee Report:

               Committee report is classified under some different categorizes 

                i) formal and informal reports
                ii) short or long reports
                iii) informational or analytical reports
                iv) periodic reports
                v) functional reports

                A committee may be constituted under the chairmanship of a senior official for a specific purpose. The report is prepared under the instructions of the chairman. The chairman and the members should affix their signature in the report.

ii) Reports by individuals:

                 Individuals reports are classified into 3 different types:

                 i) Laboratory report
                 ii) Accident report
                 iii) industrial visit report

An individual is directed to prepare a report for a specific purpose and to record for a specific purpose.

Format of a Report:

               The report should be prepared according to the information collected and it should present the through study which has been made by the group or by the individual. Report is more or less like a letter writing in which format is very important and at the same time it should be clear and perfect.

               The front page (Cover Page) of the report should contain the following iteams:

               * The title of the report
               * The name of the author
               * Date of submission
               * (The name of the company)
               * (Name of the group members)
               * Signature of the author / members.
Second Page

Cover Page

Final page of the Report


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