Job Application III

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Dear Exact Name of Person: (or Sir or Madam if answering a blind ad)

With the enclosed resume, I would like to make you aware of the considerable skills I could put to work for the Baltimore Family Health System. Although I would like you to consider me for any situation where my versatile skills could be of value to you, I am particularly interested in the following positions:

Access Coordinator

Assistant Practice Manager

Network Analyst II (Information Systems)

Account Analyst

You will see that I offer skills compatible with those and other business office positions. I hold a B.A. in Finance and have acquired experience in internal business auditing activities, payroll calculation and administration, computer operations, and office management. I have worked for only two companies and have been promoted to increasing responsibilities in both organizations because of my initiative, productivity, and office skills. Even in high school, I began working for Camelot Music and was promoted to Assistant Manager for a store with $1.5 million in annual sales and 15 employees. In my current job, I handle a variety of internal auditing procedures, troubleshoot accounting problems, and handle liaison with the home office. I am proficient in utilizing numerous software programs including Excel, Lotus, and many others.

With a reputation as a congenial individual with outstanding customer service and public relations skills, I can provide outstanding personal and professional references at the appropriate time. Although I am excelling in my current position and am highly regarded by my employer, it is my desire to work in a medical environment.

If you can use an energetic and highly motivated hard worker who offers versatile skills and abilities, I hope you will contact me to suggest a time when we might meet to discuss your needs and how I might serve them. Thank you in advance for your time.

Yours truly,

(Name in Caps)

Covering Letter/ Job Application II


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Dear Exact Name of Person: (or Dear Sir or Madam if answering a blind ad)

 With the enclosed resume, I would like to make you aware of my interest in the position of Financial Management Analyst II with the Vermont Department of Revenue. As you will see from my enclosed resume, I offer a background as a seasoned accounting professional with exceptional analytical, communication, and organizational skills. In my current job, I perform essentially as a Financial Management Analyst in my role as a Field Auditor and Revenue Officer with the Vermont Department of Revenue.

        With the Department of Revenue, I have advanced in a track record of increasing responsibilities. In my current position as a Field Auditor, I analyze financial reports of businesses and individuals, reconciling various general ledgers as well as investment and checking accounts in order to accurately determine tax liability. Earlier as a Revenue Officer, I consulted with taxpayers to assist them in determining the validity of deductions and calculating the amount of individual income tax owed. In both of these positions, I trained my coworkers, sharing my extensive knowledge of Internal Revenue Service and Vermont Department of Revenue codes and laws while educating department personnel on correct procedures related to professional auditing and collections.

I hold an Associate of Applied Science degree in Accounting from Central Berkshire Community College and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Oregon at Portland.

Please favorably consider my application for this internal opening, and please also consider my history of dedicated service to the Vermont Department of Revenue. I feel certain that I could excel in this job and could be a valuable asset to the department.


(name in caps)