Call a woman a kitten, but never a Cat;

You can call her a mouse, cannot call her a Rat;

Call a woman a chicken, but never a Hen!

Or you surely will not be her caller again.

You can call her a duck, cannot call her a Goose;

you can call her a deer, but never a Moose;

You can call her a lamb, but never a Sheep;

Economic she likes, but you can't call her Cheap.

You can say she's a vision, can't say she's a sight;

And no woman is skinny, she's slender and slight:

If she should burn you up, say she sets you afire;

And you'll always be welcome, you tricky old liar.

(The above verse is written by John Donovon on synonymous differences in 1946 in the Saturday Evening Post. This verse will tell you effectively and humorously what a Synonyms is:  Try to Learn More)

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