Enrich Your English I

Boycott (Charles Boycott, an English land agent in Ireland)

Dahlia (developed by Anders Dahl, a Swedish botanist)

Cardigan (Earl of Cardigan, nineteenth century; a style of waistcoat that he favored)

Derrick (the name of a hangman at a London prison in the time of Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth I)

Guy (In Britain, Guy Fawkes Day, November 5; for the Catholic conspirator, member of the Gunpowder Plot in Great Britain, 1606. Since he was held up to ridicule, and in Britain the word still means “a person of odd or grotesque appearance,” it is apparent that American English has generalized and neutralized the word.)

Lynch (Capt. William Lynch, a planter in colonial Virginia, originated lynch law in 1780)

Nicotine (Jacques Nicot introduced tobacco into France in 1560)

Ohm (unit of electrical resistance, named for nineteenth-century German physicist, Georg Simon Ohm)

Sadistic (eighteenth-century Marquis de Sade, infamous for crimes of sexual perversion)

Sandwich (eighteenth-century British nobleman, the Earl of Sandwich, who brought bread and meat together to the gambling table to provide sustenance for himself, and started the fast food industry)

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