Varied Grammatical Functions of the same Word


Same Words as Nouns and Verbs:

In English, Number of words can be used both as a noun and a verb. If the first syllable of a particular word in stressed, it becomes a noun. If the second syllable of a word is stressed it should be treated as a verb. The noun form and the verb are differentiated by their spelling, pronunciation and stress patterns.

Eg: 1 . Answer

His answer is excellent (Noun)

He answered only a few questions (Verb)

2. Advice – Advise

His Advise is valuable (noun)

I advised the students (Verb)

3. Demand

The Demand and supply are in good proportion (Noun)

The customer demanded a loan of Rs.20,000/- from the LIC (verb)

Words used as different parts of speech

  1. After
    1. He ran after the dog (Preposition)
    2. She came after he had left (Connective)
    3. He arrived soon after (Adverb)
  2. Close
    1. She is my close friend (adjective)
    2. They will close their shop (Verb)
    3. The dance came to a close (Noun)
    4. She sat close to me (Adverb)
  3. Date
    1. What is your date of birth (noun)
    2. I have a date with her tomorrow (noun)
    3. Afghan dates are sweet(Noun)
    4. Please date the letter (Verb)
  4. Last
    1. I’m the last person to be here (adjective)
    2. He came last (adverb)
    3. This state of affairs will not last long (Verb)
  5. Stone
    1. This building is made of stone (Noun)
    2. It is a stone wall (Adjective)
    3. They Stoned him to death (Verb)
  1. Fast
    1. Raj kept fast on Monday (Noun)
    2. It is a fast train (Adjective)
    3. Some ladies fast on Friday (Verb)
    4. Usha runs fast (Adverb)


Write two sentences for each word given below using as a noun in one sentence and as a verb in another:

  1. Aim
  2. answer
  3. bat
  4. board
  5. commit
  6. demand
  7. produce
  8. wish
  9. refill
  10. pass
  11. present
  12. favour
  13. effect
  14. rush
  15. clear
  16. check
  17. content
  18. care
  19. figure
  20. colour
  21. welcome
  22. copy

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