Sentence Completion - Vocabulary Test I

1. He is too _______ to be deceived easily
a) strong b) modern c)kind d) honest e) intelligent

2. Ravi’s behaviour is worthy of ________ by all the youngsters.
a) trail b) emulation c)following d) exploration e) experiment

3. The speaker did not properly use the time as he went on ________ on one point alone.
a) dilating b) devoting c) deliberation d) diluting e) distributing

4. The principal and staff have made ______efforts to enable the students to attend college on the days of the bus strike.
a) integrated b) deliberate c) concerted d) systematic

5. It was _________ that a mind so pure and searching could miss the truth.
a) likely b) unlikely c) possible d) scarcely

6. The _________ is working on wood.
a) artifact b) artistic c) artist d) artisan

7. If an indelible ink is used, this will not be ____________
a) observed b) obligated c) obliterated d) obviated

8. He _________ that he could speak languages.
a) challenged b) boasted c) submitted d) suggested

9. It is indeed ________ that 40 years after independence, we have failed to ________ a suitable education or examination system.
a) bad, produce b)improper, create c) sad, evolve d) objectionable, present

10. The boy you met yesterday is in class.
a) ninth b) the ninth c) nine d) the nine

11. The children were disappointed because they had hoped _______with us
a) to have gone b) to go c) would have gone

12. He is the friend ___________ I trust most
a) him b) whom c) which d) who

13. The meeting was presided ____________by the Prime minister
a) on b)upon c) up d) over

14. He ____________ his camera on the railway.
a) laid b) lay c) lain

15. The doctor tried both pencillin and sulphamilamide; the pencillin porved to be the _________ effective drug.
a) very b) more c) most

16. Joseph introduced me _________ his mother as the best batsman
a) to b) by c) with d) of

17. She ___________ in the crowd because of her height and flaming red hair.
a) stood by b) stood off c) stood up d) stood out

18. History records seventeen incursions of Sultan Mahmood ________ India.
a) against b) into c) upon d) on

19. He is being considered ___________senior managerial position.
a) of b) to c) for d) towards e) by

20. It should be the aim of every educated Indian to see that as ________ as possible people become literate.
a) few b) most c) many d) much

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