Grammar Test - I

  1. I ( done, have done) it
  2. They (came, come) yesterday
  3. Mary said she (thank, thought) of it yesterday
  4. Four sailors (drowned, drownded) in the accident
  5. I (have seen, seen) it
  6. I (have seen, saw) it
  7. We ( did, done) it when you told us to do
  8. We have ( did, done) it before
  9. You (wrote, have wrote) a good letter
  10. They (threw, throwed) out a lot of old magazines
  11. She ( has broke, has broken) her promise
  12. The water pipe ( burst, bursted) last week
  13. I (knowed, knew) he was right all along
  14. He (drank, drunk) his coffee
  15. He (has drunk, has drank) his coffee
  16. I ( brang, brought) a friend along
  17. She has (written, wrote) us a nice note
  18. We have( drive, drove) 300 miles today
  19. The batter (slid, slud) into third bare
  20. I’m sorry but I’ve (forgotten, forgot) his name
  21. You have (gone, went) and done it again
  22. Mr.Brown has (chosen, chose) not to go
  23. He has been (bitten, bit) by the dog
  24. Just an hour ago she (laid, lay) down for a nap
  25. I have ( spoken, spoke) to the principal about your behaviour
  26. Have you (ate, eaten) ?
  27. The farmer (dug, digged) the potatoes before noon
  28. Yesterday a bee (stung, stang) her
  29. The water pipes have (froze, frozen)
  30. St.George (slew, slayed) the dragon
  31. My son has (grown, growed) a lot this year
  32. My son (grew, growed) tomatoes in the back yard last summer
  33. Have you (drew, drawn) your pay yet?
  34. Have you even (swum, swam) in the ocean?
  35. The birds have all ( flown, flew) away
  36. Have you ever (ridden, rode) a horse?
  37. She hasn’t (drank, drunk) her milk this morning
  38. I’d have (thunk, thought) you knew better than that.
  39. He picked up the rock and (slang, slunged) it over the fence
  40. Have you (given, gave) him his share?
  41. Who (built, builded) this cabin?
  42. He ( throwed, threw) the snowball at me
  43. We have all (sang, sung) the national anthem
  44. The cut on his finger (bleeded, bled) badly
  45. You have ( broke, broken) mother’s favorite glass
  46. She ( began, begun) the job yesterday
  47. She ( began, has begun) the job already
  48. He ( swimmed, swam) the river at its widest point
  49. You have (tore, torn) your dress
  50. Haven’t  I ( seen, saw) you some where before
  51. Joe and Tom (begun, began) the job yesterday
  52. Joe and Tom have ( begun, began) the job
  53. Have you (worn, wore) that dress before?
  54. She ( strove, strived) to improve herself
  55. The baseball team got ( beat, beaten) badly
  56. Your shirt ( shrunk, shrank) in ht laundry
  57. Has the whistle (blew, blown)?
  58. He had (run, ran) all the way to school
  59. I (done, did) it yesterday
  60. Mother has (hidden, hid) the jar

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