Focus on Language

Grammar Test
1. The questions were very difficult. Many students secured good marks. (Use a connective)
2. We must eat ________ living (Use preposition)
3. We prevent rusting of iron articles by giving out of red oxide. (into impersonal passive)
4. I wish I was as tall as my brother. (correct the mistake , if any)
5. Many new industries have been started in this backward area. Many people will get jobs. (as)
6. Aluminum is so strong as steel. (into comparative degree)
7. They __________ (lay) the road by next June. (Use future tense)
8. We clamp the two metals together. (Change into impersonal passive)
9. Bearings are used so as to reduce friction. (Use gerund)
10. Raja worded hard. Raja did not succeed. (use a suitable conjunction)
11. Place the metal surfaces _______ two electrodes.(use preposition)
12. If the weather had been finer, the match __________ (complete the sentence)
13. We paint bridges at frequent intervals. We reduce corrosion. (Use ‘in order to’)
14. The fuse will not blow unless there is a fault. (Use ‘if’ clause)
15. The teacher pointed ________ the mistake.(Use proposition)
16. The heavy loss of life in the train accident is the result of human error. (use ‘Due to’)
17. If drivers do not obey traffic rules, ________ (complete the sentence)
18. Bye – pass roads are constructed. Traffic in the city is reduced (use ‘because’)
19. He prefers volley – ball __________ foot ball (Use preposition)
20. Alcohol / high boiling point / water. (make a negative comparison)
21. You must take care not to damage the machine (into impersonal passive)
22. Engineers _________ (encounter) many problem with the materials. (use present perfect tense)
23. The cost of computers are dropping day by day. ( correct the mistake, if any)
24. The process consists __________ heating the ore __________ a blast furnace (use preposition)
25. New pipes are installed. They should first be painted (use connective ‘before’)
26. You must take care not to disturb the arrangement. (into impersonal passive)
27. No, he is not here; he _______ just______ (leave) (use present perfect tense)
28. If a coat of red oxide paint is not given, the lamp post will rust quickly. (use ‘unless’)
29. Going to the college, the elephant knocked down Raja. (correct the mistake, if any)
30. The newly designed aircraft could not fly. There was a problem in the engine. (use ‘because of’)
31. Car drivers should not use air-horns near the hospitals. Air – horns disturb patients in hospitals. (use a connective)
32. The dam collapsed. As a result of ____________ (complete the sentence)
33. A mile is as long as a kilo meter. (give the comparative degree)
34. I would have met you at the station , If you __________ (inform) me earlier. (use the conditional)
35. Silapathikaram is the best epic in Tamil. (into positive degree)
36. We came ________ a hut where a peasant lived (use preposition)
37. To deceive your best friend is disgraceful (use Gerund)
38. It is mischievous. The baby is smart and soft. (use a connective)
39. Virus is too minute to be dissected and analyzed. (so…………that)
40. The chairman failed to understand the problems of workers. (into negative)
41. I saw my old friend. I recognized him. (as soon as)
42. He showed distaste ________ music (Use suitable Preposition)
43. Who taught you English? (into passive)
44. Neither the king not him ministers desired war. (correct the sentence, if any)
45. Practicing is better than preaching. (Use infinitive)
46. If the engine is serviced regularly, _________ (complete the sentence)
47. Measles have spread in the town. (correct the sentence, if any)
48. Besides robbing the poor child, he also murdered her. (not only……but also)
49. The requirements from Delhi have not arrived yet. (correct the mistakes, if any)
50. Water is poured ________ a jar (Use proposition)
51. The English electric company of India has recently introduced two Residual current Devices (into passive)
52. If you pour oil on water, ________ (complete the sentence)
53. He wanted to stop the car. He operated the brake. (join the sentences using ‘expression’)
54. The process of melting consists ________ heating the ore _______ a blast furnace (use preposition)
55. Glass breaks easily. Glass has many useful properties. (use a suitable connective)
56. It is expensive to modernize sick industries. (use gerund)
57. You can use thick grease as a lubricant in ball bearings. (change it into impersonal passive)
58. I am knowing him since 1990. (correct the sentence suitably)
59. If you lubricate the engine parts periodically, __________ (complete the sentence)
60. Raja will fail in the exams unless he works hard. (if)
61. Iron is stronger than aluminum. (into positive degree)
62. Many machines are fed by it. This is a powerful motor. (use a connective)
63. Rail tracks ___________ (convert) into broad gauge. (into present perfect continuous)
64. He thanked us for what I ___________ (use present perfect tense)
65. The price of petrol has risen much. Consumers have not stopped buying cars.(use connective)
66. The rural people can use the dual purpose bicycle to power small scale agricultural.(use impersonal passive)
67. The audience are fundamentally lazy, that is why televisions so popular. (correct the mistake, if any)
68. He worked hard. He wanted to keep his family in comfort. (in order to)
69. He is a rich man. You cannot get whatever you want. (however)
70. It was so cold. We stayed in bed the whole morning. (use a connective)
71. We joined the library. We have plenty to read. (so as to)
72. He shouldn’t wake his sleeping child. He came in quietly. (underline the adjective)
73. I went to the university. I met registrar. (use infinitive)
74. The furniture need repairing. (correct the sentence, if any)
75. I like fish. You didn’t. (correct the sentence, if any)
76. Light travels faster than sound. (into positive)
77. He died in the village, where he __________ (born). (change the tense)
78. He finished his exercise and put away his books. (use ‘after’)
79. If you search his pockets. You ________ the watch (complete)
80. Pay the bill at once or return the good. (correct the sentence, if any)
81. I was not there. You came to see me. (when)
82. He had a noise. He stepped out. (As soon as)
83. The spirit of man is __________ (great) than anything in the world. (change the degree)
84. He ran away. He had thrown the bomb. (after)
85. Don’t remove the tables from this room (underline the noun phrase)
86. The boys shouted and quarreled. (Not only …..but also)
87. Define : calculator
88. Define : lathe
89. Define : solar cooker
90. Define : printer
91. Add prefix: _________developed
92. Add prefix: _________ depressant
93. Add prefix: _________marine
94. Add prefix: _________humanize
95. Add prefix: __________sonic
96. Add suffix: geo _________
97. Add suffix: micro ________
98. Add suffix: construct¬________
99. Add suffix: reliable _________
100. Add suffix: national ________

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