Draw a line under each preposition and compound preposition

1. Place the umbrella stand beside the door.

2. Lean a little to the left.

3. Mom, may I go skating with Suzi?

4. You can get extra supplies from the stationery store.

5. Eileen and Miranda have been best friends since third grade.

6. The ground under the trees isn’t even wet.

7. We can do this work without any extra help.

8. The paprika is between the onion powder and the pepper.

9. I can stay only until eight o’clock.

10. I found my homework inside my social studies book.

11. We ran five laps around the gym and then practiced shots.

12. Myra lives near Mr. Polumski, who is my English teacher.

13. The airplane flew above the storm.

14. Sprinkle the colored sugar on top of the frosting.

15. Meet me during lunch period.

16. I can meet you in front of the library at four o’clock.

17. Samantha and David ran down the street.

18. Alfie, my golden retriever, relaxes in the shade under the oak tree.

19. Juan shyly stood apart from the other new students.

20. We must be on the train by noon.

21. Jeremy sits third from the left among the other trumpet players.

22. Will you write about John Cabot instead of Abigail Adams?

23. According to Mr. Wolford, you performed beyond all expectations.

24. Everyone went outside the building because of the false alarm.

25. All of these papers except the green ones are for Salem Elementary.

26. Crawl through the tunnel, and climb onto the platform.

27. How did you get inside the house without your key?

28. Go into the stable and look for the saddle soap.

29. During my study time, I came upon this beautiful poem.

30. On top of the mountain the temperature often drops below zero.

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