Common Errors in English 2

Spot the Errors

  1. The deers are grazing in the fields.
  2. Two dozens pencils were bought.
  3. The scissors has two parts
  4. His spectacles was broken
  5. Please acknowledge my thank
  6. The beggars were given arm.
  7. All his asset was annexed.
  8. The village folk was present.
  9. The mankind was grateful to him.
  10. The crew of the boat was not drowned.
  11. The gentry of the town was present at the show.
  12. The poultry is reared everywhere.
  13. The cattle is grazing in the field.
  14. The furniture are lying scattered.
  15. The audience was enthralled.
  16. Lot of people attended the show.
  17. He received many information.
  18. His family members were present.
  19. The judge has issued order for his release.
  20. One should not forget his duty.

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